About us
FOTON San Pablo was established to provide the best solution for the mobility of every Filipino. Our vision is to help turn every Filipino's DREAM into REALITY and be part of their success stories; we shall be in the forefront of delivering these to the doorstep of every home in the Philippines. We have committed ourselves to propagate and spearhead in turning FOTON into the brand of choice for pick-up, vans and trucks that can provide comfort, style and luxury to every buyer. "Quality need not be expensive," as we say and that is why we firmly believe in the product. With the continuous efforts of our mother company, and sooner than we know it, the FOTON brand will be a household name known to all and not only us. We have committed ourselves to reach out to our consumers and answer their call. And we shall grow not only in San Pablo but to all corners of South Luzon that will help us to achieving our Vision and Mission. FOTON San Pablo has been keen on employing good and honest Filipinos that will help give the best solutions to any concerns of our customers. We have above the standard training that will keep the fire burning in the years to come and will help DREAMS come true. FOTON San Pablo is sentient in spurring all aspirations and dreams of the Filipinos, that their hard earned money shall be reciprocated with a reliable, durable and low priced vehicle that gives comfort and hassle-free transportation experience, similar to the leading brands in the market today. Our Vision and Mission shall speak for itself.
Corporate Mission
To provide the best quality products and services to the common people who share in our DREAMS. "Become the business entity that is socially and environmentally responsible and helps to make a Filipino dream come true."
Corporate Vision
Our vision is to be the preferred brand for mobility in the Philippines and in the lives of every Filipino especially in the Southern Tagalog region. We aim to make every dream a reality.